Malcolm Fletcher: Most want ‘walkability’

May 24, 2013 

Most want ‘walkability’

Most of the opinions expressed in letters to the editor in the May 19 edition of The Cary News about Cary’s Summit on the Future don’t reflect the opinion of most of the attendees.

A large and representative group of Cary citizens was assembled to opine on policy for the future development of the town, based on the projected needs of future populations.

Demographics reveal an aging population and a failure to attract young professionals active in the information economy, a group representing the sort of high-technology future consistent with those who built this town. These individuals prefer urban walkability over suburban drivability, and the town must start to plan for this.

A very high percentage of those in attendance were in favor of this course of action. The preponderance of opinion expressed in the newspaper suggested the opposite.

Malcolm Fletcher


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