Anthony Bruno: An obvious direction

May 18, 2013 

An obvious direction

The purpose of the Summit on the Future was to get feedback on the direction Cary should go as it plans for the next 30 to 50 years. To describe the event I simply say it was a lost opportunity, for it was not an information-gathering effort, but rather one which had a narrow band of options for residents to consider.

Starting with a paid consultant from the Brookings Institution who heralded the benefits of “urbanizing” our town, touting “walkability” and housing density, the template was set and the direction of the event was obvious.

A second consultant reviewed our demographics to guide what needs to be done to meet the demands of a projected 50,000 increase in population.

Multiple-choice questions via an electronic keypad appeared to only provide limited answer options, more to confirm what the town wants to do rather than learn what the citizens desire.

If you did not attend this meeting, you missed the chance to see what happens when the seats of power determine the limits of democratic participation.

Anthony Bruno


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