Gabe Macaluso: The path isn’t set

May 18, 2013 

The path isn’t set

Being a co-chair of the Cary Committee for the Future, I was excited to read the news coverage of this historic event for our town. Unfortunately the article I read was not at all the experience I had.

I experienced a history lesson, a current events course and information that will allow me to make an educated decision for our future. I loved the fact that I was able to participate in a polling process and had the opportunity to write out my thoughts for each question if I had additional comments.

Walkable urbanism is a concept that has already begun infiltrating our desires for close-knit neighborhoods and less of a dependency on our cars. Look at the style of developments already being constructed – this is due to the demand that exists, not propaganda that is forcing our hand.

I feel that this article portrays our town as an overbearing government state that does not allow people the freedom to express a difference of opinion. On the contrary, we have been given a unique opportunity to ensure that our town leaders follow the direction of the people now and in the future.

I encourage everyone to come out to one of the area conversations and continue to be invested in the project. I can promise you that no decisions have been made and no definitive path has been set.

Gabe Macaluso


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