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Cartoonist Dwane Powell draws his perspectives on the news from the NC General Assembly.

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    Tighten oversight of NC charters

    One charter school’s problems in Kinston raise valid concerns about charter school rules and controls.


    An old diary opens a window into a life

    Reading details of a few months in one young man’s life brings the past into the present and a character into focus.


    Wake must meet the cost of growing needs

    Wake County Manager Jim Hartmann told commissioners and school board members what managers have long said, time and again: Growth doesn't pay for itself. The taxes that new residents pay cannot cover all the expenses associated with services and with schools.


    Rapid Internet boosts Triangle

    Google joins two others in bringing a high-speed fiber service to Triangle residents.


    Time to take back Carolina from dysfunctional leaders

    I wanted to cry out when I read that UNC-CH has hired yet another $950-an-hour law firm without a cost ceiling to be paid for from development funds made up of donations to UNC from people like you and me. And we thought we were feeding students and helping them with tuition and the cost of textbooks...


    Duke’s commendable gesture toward religious co-existence

    While Duke University leaders were trying to use the call to prayer as a model of tolerance and peaceful co-existence, external pressure forced them to abandon this noble idea. It is true that the recent actions of some Muslims have given critics ample ammunition to exert immense pressure on the...


    Milbank: How the GOP misjudged Loretta Lynch

    The GOP case against President Obama’s nominee for attorney general deflates faster than a football. The nominee has a long and impressive resume as a no-nonsense prosecutor, and she managed at Wednesday’s hearing to be both assertive and anodyne in her testimony, expert in the law...


    Opinion: Google Fiber deal not in best interest of NC public

    The upshot of the Google deal is that an enormously valuable piece of public infrastructure, which ought to be owned in common by the public, is handed over to a private company based in California. This same company was deeply involved in the illegal, secret surveillance of all our Internet usage...


    Marcus: On the debt, mission unaccomplished for Obama

    Ruth Marcus: The CBO put the ugly picture of the trajectory of federal debt on the cover of this year's report, and for good reason. At the end of this fiscal year, debt held by the public will be 74 percent of gross domestic product. That is, as the CBO notes, "more than twice what it was at the...


    Death of King Abdullah brings unearned accolades

    Despite the skillful eulogies and diplomatic flattery given to King Abdullah upon his death, in reality, most of these accolades were entirely unearned. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia acquired enormous wealth while limiting civil freedoms. Silencing opponents, it waged a vigorous war on words more ...

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